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Today’s most effective radiation oncology methods.

IMRT – We were the first free-standing facility in the area to introduce intensity-modulated radiation therapy and deliver radiation more directly to tumors while sparing healthy tissue and minimizing side effects.

Cone Beam CT with Hexapod – This type of CT imaging allows us to see detailed 3D pictures of the patient's anatomy and the specific target site just before we deliver cancer radiation therapy. This is a huge advantage because the structures inside the body tend to move throughout the day. Being able to see them just prior to treatment increases the accuracy of treatment and decreases patient side-effects.

Calypso® System GPS for the Body – This treatment technology was approved by the FDA in 2006 and gives us enhanced radiation delivery guidance for prostate cancer treatment. Since its launch, the unique Calypso system has been adopted by many leading cancer institutions in the United States to improve radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

B-mode acquisition targeting (BAT) – Using ultrasound, this system localizes targets prone to daily shifts, such as the prostate. In just minutes, it helps ensure the treatment will be delivered precisely to the treatment area.

3-D conformal treatment – Helps identify and differentiate healthy tissue from treatable cancerous tissue. Can increase cure rates and decrease complications.

Superficial X-ray machine – A specialized X-ray machine that offers cancer radiation therapy for superficial tumors such as skin cancers and cancers around the eyes but spares healthy tissues.

Wide-bore CT scanner – Available for 3-D treatment planning and to accommodate larger-size patients much more comfortably than a typical CT scanner. Allows for precise radiation delivery and greater accuracy in determining tumor treatment volume.

Rotating Gamma System – An innovative form of stereotactic radiosurgery implemented by neurosurgeon Tomasz Helenowski, MD, that delivers greater control and accuracy to destroy small, solid-mass tumors and other targets with short treatments, no incisions and almost no side effects. We’re the first in the nation to have this leading-edge technology!

We use today’s latest radiation therapy services to give our patients top-notch cancer care. Patients visit us from Lake Villa, Gurnee, Waukegan, Lindenhurst, Antioch and Grayslake in Lake County, IL. Call Advanced Radiation Oncology Center at 847-623-2114 or fill out our Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation.